Wednesday, January 31, 2018

What is Bitcoin Cash and How it First Appeared in The Cryptocurrency Market

What is Bitcoin Cash and How it First Appeared in The Cryptocurrency Market - If you open the site, it can be seen that cryptocurrency which has the largest market capitalization of four is Bitcoin Cash. Just below the capitalization of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. What is Bitcoin Cash? At a glance the logo is similar to the Bitcoin logo.

Bitcoin Cash only appeared on 1 August 2017. And what's interesting about Bitcoin Cash is the process of its emergence. Bitcoin Cash comes after a hard fork process on a Bitcoin network. I'm not going to explain what a hard fork is because it's very technical and still rarely happens to cryptocurrency in general. I will look at this hard fork process from an investor's eye.

What is Bitcoin Cash and How it First Appeared in The Cryptocurrency Market
When hard fork occurs on August 1, 2017, for those who have Bitcoin will get the same amount of Bitcoin Cash. So suppose on August 1, 2017 (this is only valid for that date) I have 5 BTC then I will automatically get 5 BCH.

If seen in the position of November 2017, which is 3 months after the hard fork process, it can be concluded that the hard fork is very profitable Bitcoin investors. In addition to benefiting from the Bitcoin price increase, they also benefited from the Bitcoin Cash obtained free of charge at the time and the price increase was also amazing!

For additional information, if you notice Bitcoin prices in September 2017 to November 2017 have increased tremendously. One reason is that in October and November 2017 this re-emerged hard fork process on the Bitcoin network. There are even two hard fork processes in a fairly close span of time. So now there are two new cryptocurrency again which is a derivative of Bitcoin, namely Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin2x. It is not surprising that investors are hunting for Bitcoin for learning from the success story of Bitcoin Cash. And if the hard fork this time returns to benefit investors, it could be a hard fork process will be a trend to launch a new cryptocurrency.

Mining Bitcoin cash

The support of miners and developers is most needed today, especially in the long run. Right now they have been waiting a bit to get an idea of the interests of the rest of the fans. So if the interest of the miners is ViaBTC will be able to direct mining activities to Bitcoin Cash, then help solve the Bitcoin that took place. Indeed many people say that Bitcoin Cash is a backup when SegWit2x fails to enforce the size increase agreement. Currently experts recommend that they do not do Bitcoin transactions until the future of Bitcoin is already apparent.

Both of these coins certainly have a good future. It's just Bitcoin Cash is a more sophisticated upgrade when compared with Bitcoin. Certainly Bitcoin Cash has a better future and is able to provide more profit on the Bitcoin trading. Currently in the world already sell Bitcoin Cash with different prices. The price itself is determined purely by market participants between buyers and sellers, in accordance with the law of demand and supply of the economy in the market. Buyers can usually buy, sell, and bid according to their deal.

The future of bitcoin cash is quite bright, because bitcoin cash is included in the top 5 rank in marketcap and has a lot of interest, if you have more funds, it is strongly recommended you invest some of your funds in bitcoin cash for long and short term.

Details About Bitcoin Cash (BCH):

Website: www.
Github: bitcoincashorg
Max Supplay: 21,000,000 BCH
Type: Coin
Mine: Yes
Markets: All Market
Investing: Long Term and Short Therm