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What is Ripple and How is The Future Prediction of This Cryptocurrency XRP

What is Ripple and How is The Future Prediction of This Cryptocurrency XRP - Ripple is a digital currency (Cryptocurrency) similar to Bitcoin, which also adopts Blockchain technology with secure encryption and security. Ripple is also a global payment system connected to various currencies in the world. The Ripple currency unit is XRP which currently occupies the third position in the most popular digital currency ratings to date, while the first and second positions are occupied by Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Like other crytocurrencies XRP is also a digital currency created based on complex mathematical formulas and has a high level of security and has a Blockchain that can be accessed and managed by everyone in the world.

What is Ripple and How is The Future Prediction of This Cryptocurrency XRP
The workings of XRP are no different from other cryptocurrencies, ie, transactions are peer-to-peer in the absence of third parties, so remittances can be made quickly and only have small transaction costs.

Several ways to get Ripple(XRP)

Mining / Mining, the process is almost the same as Bitcoin ie our CPU will solve various mathematical problems that are difficult to get small pieces of XRP. actually if we have a sophisticated CPU, digital currency mining is quite profitable, but surely for the layman is still constrained by the knowledge and cost is quite expensive for the mining tool.
Buy, lots of XRP buying sites around the world that trade Ripple like Bittrex, Binance, Poloniex, Kraken and more.

Faucet, we can collect Faucet (small pieces from XRP) through various sites on the internet, then exchange them in the form of XRP.

The difference between XRP and BTC lies only in the exchange process, if we want to monetize Bitcoin to one of the local currency of the country, we need another Exchanger or User Bitcoin who wants to buy Bitcoin with the local currency of the country. Different if we use Ripple, we no longer need to bother looking for Exchangers or people who want to buy our XRP, because Ripple itself has provided XRP exchange facilities with various currencies in the world, including exchange to another cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Excess Ripple in addition to Support exchanges to various currency countries in the world and also to various other digital currencies, Ripple also has a mission to destroy all the barriers in the financial world, for example if someone uses Paypal then he can only send money to fellow users Paypal only, as well as other transaction systems such as Credit Card, UnionPay etc. The payment system still can not be used for Cross-Chain / Cross-Platform and Ripple present to perfect the system.

Now the majority of forex brokers also provide trading facilities between XRP and US Dollar (USD) digital currencies so we can real-time XRP / USD trading on our metatrader / webtrader platform for 24 hours non-stop.

The Cryptocurrency Ripple Market (XRP / USD) has also increased by more than 4000% during 2017, generating $ 30 million in second quarter transactions, three times the value of the first quarter transaction of only $ 6.7 million. From that figure we can see that the confidence in the Ripple currency is also getting bigger, and it is possible that Ripple will be able to become a Bitcoin rival in the future.

Predicted Price Ripple 2018

Predicted Ripple Price 2018? Cryptocurrency (Crypto Currency) during the year 2017 has been highlighted in the conversation on the Internet, ranging from social media to forums that discuss about finance, entirely interested in this crypto currency. The biggest trigger comes from Bitcoin, where the price of Bitcoin now has soared to the level of $ 17,000 price when in the beginning of the year its price of about $ 800. So the total increase is already more than 1,000% or more than 10 times as much. That's why almost all of the other Crypto Currencies are also affected by the General Rising Trend. Like Ripple with its XRP value unit, currently ranked fifth for the most popular coins worldwide, with a capitalization of more than $ 15 billion marks.

If we look at the graph above, at the beginning of the year only, XRP is trading just below the $ 0.05 level let us take the number $ 0.02 only. then until today, XRP has already set a record high at $ 0.45, which means that if calculated in percentages over the past year alone, XRP is able to book a 22.5-fold increase in profit, or 2.250%. 

Then how to Predict Ripple Price 2018 ?.

Predicted Price Ripple 2018

Looking back from its enormous growth this year, it is not impossible that in the coming years Ripple prices will continue to climb even further, likely to arrive at more than $ 1 per XRP. This is strongly supported by several factors including:

Powerful Technology

Ripple Technology (XRP) can process up to 1,500 transactions per second, unlike Bitcoin which is currently constrained by scalability problems and can only process about 3 to 7 transactions in just every second. Ripple technology is quite unique, so it will be able to replace the international payment system like VISA.


A number of major banks around the world starting from mid-2017 have been very active in cooperation with Ripple companies to implement and implement the technology on their payment infrastructure. This makes Ripple more trustworthy, let alone some Conventional Banks that in fact do not believe in crypto currency at all, now they are turning around and adopting ripple-owned technology.

Safe Heaven

Just like Bitcoin, Ripple can also act as a very safe means of storing wealth. Where robbery and theft is almost impossible without the user factor of the wallet holder. Moreover, the price of Ripple has also been proven to continue to rise sharply during the last 1 year. This could spark the interest of larger investors to save their wealth on Ripple.
If the value is compared to Bitcoin, obviously very different because 1 BTC is now worth $ 17,000. While Ripple is still trading at $ 0.38. However, in terms of percentage of growth value over the past 1 year, Bitcoin clearly lost with Ripple capable of accounting for more than 2,200% growth.

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If you want to invest in Ripple, XRP may be an investment place that provides long-term expectations, but not so for the short term because of the popularity and value that will change can not be as much as Bitcoin.

However, if the funds invested are also quite large, it is not impossible big profits will you get during the year 2018, because it is predicted that the price movement Ripple 2018 will be colored by sharp price increases.

Details About Ripple(XRP) :

Website :
Github :
Max Supplay : 99,993,093,880 XRP
Type : Coin
Mine : Yes
Markets : Almost in All Market
Investing : Long Term and Short Therm