Thursday, February 1, 2018

Now The Messaging Line is Interested in Opening a Cryptocurrency Exchanger

Now The Messaging Line is Interested in Opening a Cryptocurrency Exchanger - With more than 600 million registered users and 200 million active monthly users worldwide, Now Messaging Line is Interested to open Cryptocurrency exchanger. Japan Line outlet has announced plans to start and operate the crypto exchange as soon as possible.

In an announcement today, the Tokyo-based chat app confirmed that they have submitted an application to the Financial Services Agency (FSA) - Japanese financial regulator - to register and launch crypto exchange.

Now The Messaging Line is Interested in Opening a Cryptocurrency Exchanger
This is a significant step. Viewing Japan's largest messaging service announces its info into crypto trading, Can be enabled in its chat apps that exist among about 70 million Japanese users. This messaging application is also much in demand in other regional countries including Thailand and Taiwan.

Line plan to launch offer to surpass Japan, Bloomberg reported expansion plans to Hong Kong and Luxembourg are friendly with cryptocurrency. If Line intends to bring its crypto exchange to users around the world, like Coinbase, one of the world's most popular cryptocurrency exchanges with around 13 million users in 32 countries.

Line joins a group of other crypto exchangers, who are awaiting permission from the FSA. The FSA has so far admitted giving permission to 16 exchangers, and the rest waiting for permission.

The giant messaging initiative to offer crypto trading comes along with the launch of a new company called Line Financial, which will also investigate financial service offerings to users.

The excerpt from the Line announcement reads:

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"Going forward, LINE will use the new company as a base, as it prepares to provide various financial services, including where to exchange and transact with virtual currency, loans, and insurance - all from the LINE app - and will continue. to grow its financial business. "

Line Financial can for money transfers and the already popular Mobile Line payments service, a service that is enabled in Line messaging applications. In 2017, Line pay exceeds 40 million registered users globally with annual transaction volume exceeding ¥ 450 billion ($ 4.1 billion).