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6 Important Things You Should Know Before Mining With L3 Antminer

6 Important Things You Should Know Before Mining With L3 Antminer - Bitmain is world-renowned Bitcoin, not only for producing the fastest ASIC miners but also AsicBoost and Antbleed. With L3 Scrypt miner, Bitmain has evolved into Litecoin mining. Therefore in this post will be discussed 6 important things that you must hetahui before mined.

Once again, their product is very much to make money, Because L3 is quickly sold out at Bitmain store, so where should you buy it or choose another model from Bitmain, L3 +?

6 Important Things You Should Know Before Mining With L3 Antminer
Both L3 types use the same BM1485 chip, only their production amounts are different. The L3 + antminer on the boundary is L3 which has twice the hash level and twice the power spent. Nevertheless, the exact and precise model of that is indeed difficult.

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If you are interested in Mining Scrypt, this will give you enough information to reach the right decision on the various L3 (+) options.

6 Important Things You Should Find Before With L3 Antminer

1. Antminer L3 has a Competitive Hashrate

The Hashrate of L3 is impressive ~ 255 MH / s. This level is tuned by ~ 504 MH / s from L3 + and ~ 280 MH / s from A4 Dominator.

Whether you choose L3 or L3 +, you will have great efficiency from other mining tools, such as A4, KnIT Titan or mining with GPU. You have to generate a sizeable profit - up until the L3 model is split as a whole ... Of course, profitability also depends on the selling price of l3 at good price!

According to the mining calculator, with the current Litecoin price and difficulty and with a base price of 10c per kWh for electricity costs, the L3 will yield: 3.5 LTC, earn $ 165, per week!

Within a month, the L3 could produce 183 LTC or $ 8641 - although it could not happen, because Litecoin difficulties will surely increase as more of these products enter the market.

2. L3 Antminer Consume Smaller Electricity

From the above calculation, L3 minminer L3 power consumption is only 10% of your profit - $ 16.80 for a week and $ 876 more than a year.

If compared to L3 with Dominator A4, it is clear that L3 is almost twice as efficient. While A4 spends about ~ 1000W to reach 280MH / s, L3 manages to get almost the same just ~ 400W. Over time, the greater L3 efficiency (1.6 J / MH) will result in increasing gains.

According to Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, L3 is 2.5x times more efficient than A4:

3. Lighter L3s Antminer

Weighing just 2.5 kg (or 3 kg including the packaging), L3 is much lighter than the Dominator A4, which weighs 9.2 kg. L3 + is also quite thick, weighing 6.5 kg (including packing).

L3 must win here, because the design is light for the cost down and also can buildup / shelf miners become lighter.

4. Antminer L3s Relatively Calm

The L3 single fan design produces a minimum of 60dB, while the dual L3 + fan emits from 75 dB to 95 dB, depending on ambient temperature.

L3 is not strong enough to wake up in your bedroom but neither keep the neighbors awake.

5. Antminer L3 Very Compact

The L3 dimension is 23 cm matching 13.5 cm x 16 cm. This is better than the slightly larger Dominator A4, which is 28 cm x 26 cm x 13 cm. L3 + is the largest so far, measuring 35 cm x 13 cm x 19 cm.

6. Limited L3s Antminer Often

For those who did not pre-order Antminer L3 from Bitmain ahead of its release, it is now only available on the secondary market, such as eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, or a special crypto mining distributor site.

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Some offers, from the online market, will actually be made at the price offered, looking more expensive than the base price offered by Bitmain. Repeat from an unknown new crypto miner site, make sure you only order from a reputable supplier! Some scam sites have been built in the past, promising - but never giving - Scrypt ASICs.

Since the next L3 + s batch will be sold under $ 2000, it does not make sense to pay more than $ 1000 for L3, says its relative strength. However, since the L3 may be delayed and will likely take weeks to ship, it may make sense to pay as high as $ 1500 ... This happens if you are sure of fast delivery and can be a winner that is proportional to the original 180 days of Bitmain. (this will also apply to upcoming L3 + units).

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Do you think now is a good time to buy Bitcoin?

Do you think now is a good time to buy Bitcoin? - It is a very difficult task to select the crypto that is in the downtrend. using technical analysis can at least help us in trying to get a rough idea of the exact moment to buy Bitcoin.

As we know today almost all crypto has a very drastic decline, the effect is not only because the price of bitcoin fell sharply in recent days coupled with the less unpleasant issues. do you want to buy bitcoin? to find the right moment to buy Bitcoin please read through this post.

Do you think now is a good time to buy Bitcoin?

Primary Key

The 200-day fall to EMA has proven to be a good long-term buying opportunity over the past two years.

Traders can buy 25% of the desired allocation around the $ 8900 level and stop the stop loss of $ 7400.

Average is not a good trading practice. Therefore, a fresh position should be avoided if the price falls and stays below the 200-day EMA.

This track record in choosing prices in top positions and bottoms?

Do you think now is a good time to buy Bitcoin?

Calling the price at the top is a very difficult task. I tried to call the price in the top position twice. The first call of 27 November was wrong. I estimate a 30% drop from the highest level to $ 7,000 but Bitcoin only dropped to $ 8595.95 on Nov. 29 and that too for only a few days.

After that, Bitcoin continued its continuous operation and I again made a call in the top position on December 8, when trading above the $ 16,000 level. The virtual currency hit $ 19891.99 on December 17. This call proved very close to the top position.

So, when is the right time to buy Bitcoin?

By the end of 2015, prices will break the 200-day EMA. Since then, there have been five declines to the 200 day EMA, which has proven to be a good long-term buying opportunity.

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Currently, the 200-day EMA is deployed at 8898. I believe that retesting this rate tends to attract long-term buyers. The trader must wait and see about 4 hours to see if the level is holding or not. If the level holds, 25% of the desired allocation in Bitcoin should be done around the $ 8900 level. SL for this purchase should be kept at the $ 7400 level.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Russia Considers Cryptocurrency Licenses in Crimea Region

Russia Considers Cryptocurrency Licenses in Crimea Region - Times are getting more advanced and the equipment created by humans is increasingly varied. And it makes human activity more effective and efficient with the presence of such sophisticated tools. Especially now his era "all online", ranging from buying dinner online, buy tickets online, until the online currency was already booming lately. One of the technological products currently developing in finance is the existence of Cryptocurrency. And the current cryptocurrency product that sounds familiar to the ear is bitcoin.

Before getting to know more, we certainly need to know what the cryptocurrency is. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses cryptography created for security not to be forged, and encryption techniques to regulate each new currency unit and then verifies every fund transfer that occurs using that currency. What's interesting here is that this digital currency works independently and without central bank intervention.

Russia Considers Cryptocurrency Licenses in Crimea Region
Cryptocurrency in Crimea, Russia

One of the countries that recently made policies for its citizens to be able to use cryptocurrency is Russia especially in the Crimea region. The region does not have any bank that can be operated to support finance in the Crimea. The Russian Internet Ombudsman, Dmitry Marinichev, suggested the use of cryptocurrency in the region. He argues that legal entities and any person who is resident in the Crimea should be permitted to use cryptocurrency purses and conduct transactions with digital currencies.

Marinichev also believes that the opening of the digital currency exchange rate of cryptocurrency according to him will attract new investment to the region. He also added that he was inspired from Hong Kong that has managed to make one of the biggest Bitcoin exchange rates today. In a conference on the Cryptocurrency Act in Russia last week he said:

"Crimea is now an exclusive economic region, which may start with the opening of the cryptocurrency exchange rate that will be operated there legally. As a result, we will see the actual actualization of cryptocurrency.

Russia Changes Treatment of Cryptocurrency

Elina Sidorenko, the Head of the Working Group on the State of Duma of the Russian Federation, said that the latest legislation being discussed currently contains some of the most pressing issues in Crimean banking. The idea of making cryptocurrency-based payments among financial initiators has been around for a long time but there is some controversy.

At that time the status of digital currency was not mentioned in Russian law, although there had been an attempt to legalize the cryptocurreny. Pad December 2016, Alexey Moiseev, Deputy Finance Minister of the Russian Federation said that they will abolish the ban on currency exchange operations with Bitcoin and the national currency, no later than the beginning of autumn 2017. Many financial experts believe that this will be a valuable tool to reshape a global financial system.

Everyone Wearing Bitcoins

It has often been suggested that cryptocurrency has significant potential to connect people and areas that still use traditional banking systems. Where in the Crimea today, there are still many emerging markets that have not been touched by modern banking services.

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Even so, the Russian government remains cautious in every step of establishing legislation for crytocurrency in the region. The Russian government will compare between traditional and modern system users. Where for users who fail to use traditional systems will soon be replaced with modern ones so policy makers know how they should treat Bitcoins.

Who else will be able to make a great opportunity using modern systems like cryptocurrency today?

Is it True That India Forbids and Stops All Existing Bitcoin Exchanges?

Is it True That India Forbids and Stops All Existing Bitcoin Exchanges? - After China banned the use of Bitcoin's virtual currency, India now follows by enacting the same policy. India has stopped the virtual currency exchange Bitcoin because the virtual currency contains the risk of money laundering and terrorism.

Based on information from The Economic Times, the Reserve Bank of India or the Indian central bank has issued a warning on December 24, 2013 to stop using Bitcoin. The central bank also said that Bitcoin is very dangerous due to unmanageable fluctuations in value and transactions.

Is it True That India Forbids and Stops All Existing Bitcoin Exchanges?
Not only that, the Reserve Bank of India also said that the circulation of Bitcoin can not be controlled and its use can be illegal, call it funding for terrorism activities, money laundering, and illegal transactions that violate other laws.

The warning launched by the Reserve Bank of India makes most of the Bitcoin exchanges in the country. Bitcoin Exchange is quite famous in the country of India, INRBTC reportedly has stopped operations or activities. INRBTC discloses through a post on its website that Bitcoin transactions can be resumed after obtaining legal certainty.

According to reports from Engadget, some media in the country have reported that the Indian government has ordered all Bitcoin exchanges in the country to be closed soon. As quoted from Pocket Lint (27/12/2013), if such a trend continues, could make the value of Bitcoin plummeted.

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And the fact is that after the ban, the price of Bitcoin continues to decline until it touches $ 7200 and this is likely to continue until March 2018, we will see together how the next Bitcoin power in the face of various pressures from some countries.

Bitcoin itself is a virtual currency or can also be referred to as an electronic currency developed by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin has unique properties, one of which is not dependent on major publishers.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Bitcoin is Being Reviewed by The World's Largest Investment Company

Bitcoin is Being Reviewed by The World's Largest Investment Company - Bitcoin is being reviewed by the company. Isabelle Mateos Y Lago, head of multi-asset strategy at BlackRock, from an investment management firm with $ 5.7 trillion in asset investment, has said the company is in crypto in a "closed study" as an "exciting development".

Speaking to Bloomberg TV Monday 29 January, a senior executive who says that while cryptocurrency is not an "inoperable asset" for the world's largest money manager today, he is actively actively progressing because "it is growing very fast."

Bitcoin is Being Reviewed by The World's Largest Investment Company
This comment angered BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, who last week studied at the World Economic Forum 2018 to react to this space as a "money laundering index" and previously implied he had no plans to enter the future Bitcoin ETF arena.
"The fact that interest continues there are recurring hacks," he continued, waiting for Bitcoin customers request at BlackRock, "follow the regulators try to stop this new development and gradually.

Bitcoin is Being Reviewed by The World's Largest Investment Company

By adding a 'not-present-but-later' perspective on interaction, BlackRock echoes the sentiments of Deutsche Bank Chief Investment Officer Mark Mueller, who also told Bloomberg whether while crypto is for "speculative" investors, the next five to ten years should see progress regulations that allow it to be treated as an "established asset class".
"There are many ways for hackers, the question is, are they safe?" Mateos Y Lago continues Blockchain and ICO investment opportunities, saying it is "difficult to give fair value" to regular investors.

In this way we can conclude that the longer cryptocurrency increasingly ogled many parties, because the many interests of users of this digital money that cannot be dammed again, in line with the development of the era, it is not possible Bitcoin several years ahead will have a fantastic price and will be very useful for all sectors, but of course still will reap a lot of pros and cons about the regulation that has been still much disputed by some parties.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Now The Messaging Line is Interested in Opening a Cryptocurrency Exchanger

Now The Messaging Line is Interested in Opening a Cryptocurrency Exchanger - With more than 600 million registered users and 200 million active monthly users worldwide, Now Messaging Line is Interested to open Cryptocurrency exchanger. Japan Line outlet has announced plans to start and operate the crypto exchange as soon as possible.

In an announcement today, the Tokyo-based chat app confirmed that they have submitted an application to the Financial Services Agency (FSA) - Japanese financial regulator - to register and launch crypto exchange.

Now The Messaging Line is Interested in Opening a Cryptocurrency Exchanger
This is a significant step. Viewing Japan's largest messaging service announces its info into crypto trading, Can be enabled in its chat apps that exist among about 70 million Japanese users. This messaging application is also much in demand in other regional countries including Thailand and Taiwan.

Line plan to launch offer to surpass Japan, Bloomberg reported expansion plans to Hong Kong and Luxembourg are friendly with cryptocurrency. If Line intends to bring its crypto exchange to users around the world, like Coinbase, one of the world's most popular cryptocurrency exchanges with around 13 million users in 32 countries.

Line joins a group of other crypto exchangers, who are awaiting permission from the FSA. The FSA has so far admitted giving permission to 16 exchangers, and the rest waiting for permission.

The giant messaging initiative to offer crypto trading comes along with the launch of a new company called Line Financial, which will also investigate financial service offerings to users.

The excerpt from the Line announcement reads:

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"Going forward, LINE will use the new company as a base, as it prepares to provide various financial services, including where to exchange and transact with virtual currency, loans, and insurance - all from the LINE app - and will continue. to grow its financial business. "

Line Financial can for money transfers and the already popular Mobile Line payments service, a service that is enabled in Line messaging applications. In 2017, Line pay exceeds 40 million registered users globally with annual transaction volume exceeding ¥ 450 billion ($ 4.1 billion).


What is Bittrex and Why it Can be The Biggest and Best Market in The World of Cryptocurrency

What is Bittrex and Why it Can be The Biggest and Best Market in The World of Cryptocurrency - BITTREX is one of the bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchangers with the largest number of users and high trading volume. BITTREX is now the largest and most popular exchanger for its lightweight, easy-to-use interface service. There are more than 250 active cryptocurrency pair in BITTREX. Including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and others.

Bittrex is a large US based cryptocurrency exchange platform, where all companies and platforms are required and must adhere to current rules and they are essential for exchange. After all, the US is a haven of rules and laws, both at the state and federal levels.
Almost the average coin in the Bittrex market is coins of the highest quality, such as coins that rank in the top 100 in coinmarketcap, and Bittrex is also actively removing coins if it does not have good credibility among traders in the market.

What is Bittrex and Why it Can be The Biggest and Best Market in The World of Cryptocurrency
BITTREX charges a trading fee of 0.25% of the total coins sold or purchased. And the minimum to participate in trading is equivalent to 50,000 satoshi or 0.0005 BTC. If you want Bitcoin or Altcoin Trading then you can choose Bittrex Exchange.Bittrex Platform focuses on security and inspection of new altcoin, which is quite positive. Unfortunately, high trading costs and low volume only.

Finding a reputable Exchange in the face of alternative emergency crypto is not an easy thing lately. Although most people know about Poloniex as a reliable platform, some are watching as well. Bittrex has an old reputation in the world of cryptocurrency and their support for new cryptocurrencies is almost legendary. It's time to take a closer look at what platforms are being offered exactly.


One of the things that distinguish Bittrex from some other exchanges is how their primary focus is security. Considering how each exchange is responsible for the customer's funds at any time, it's good to know some companies. Making sure no hackers can get in and steal their funds will make most people's mind feel comfortable.

In addition, the exchange team also actually found a new altcoin. In the past, quite a lot of cryptocurrencies could be listed on the stock as part of a mere pump and dump scheme. While it's true that some of these scamcoins still make it through the verification process now and then, Bittrex does what they can to improve the overall quality of their lists.

Bittrex is also known for having several categories of trading markets. All of their supported coins can be traded in bitcoin, which will always be the biggest market for any altcoin. In addition, where currencies can be traded against Ethereal. For now, the market is very limited, and no trading partner sees any volume. Fiat currency is used in USD-Tether and BitCNY form. Not the most popular market. There is also a verified market, and those who suffer from liquidity. All things considered, good meeting.

One thing that Bittrex has for most users. Although there is always discussion of why certain coins are listed and others are not, the total sentiment is somewhat positive. They are also the only ever hacked exchange, which is a rare achievement in the crypto world. At a cost of 0.25% them, Bittrex is one of the more expensive platforms in the altcoin world, but it is still worth a try.

In the end, there is nothing wrong with Bittrex, their coin options to add seem solid. In fact, the platform was never hacked and its focus on security. That being said, their low trading volume and somewhat steep fees can make other platforms look more attractive.